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3 Ways to Use Journaling to Build Your Business

Many of us are familiar with journaling our personal thoughts and we may keep a diary that we write in on a periodic basis. Aside from keeping track of the personal things in our lives, however, journaling can also be used to build our business and help us to maintain our focus during difficult times. Here are 3 different things that you can do with a business journal that will give you what is necessary to keep motivated.
• Perhaps one of the most important things that you can do is to write down your plans for your business. Many of us do this on an impersonal basis in the form of a business plan but journaling can help you to go much further beyond that. Not only do you keep track of the structure of your business in your journal but you can also write down your dreams and hopes for your business so that you don't lose track of these along the way.
• Journaling is also an excellent way to overcome a sticking point, and many of us experienced those in our businesses as well. Perhaps you are having a difficulty with a certain aspect of your business and you find that it is holding you back from accomplishing everything that is necessary. When you write about this, it helps you to maintain your perspective and at times, to put problems in their place.
• Finally, use your journal to keep track of anything that seems like an excellent idea at the time but is not yet able to be incorporated into your business. In this way, you will be able to look back on it when you have the time and will not feel the need to obsess over it inappropriately.
Penny has developed her intuitive awareness of the healing energies through her involvement with Spiritual and Holistic Healing for over half a century. She firmly believes in the power of the subconscious mind to help overcome the many difficulties in life we may encounter from time to time.

Entrepreneurs: Create A Journal For Business Success!

Like most people, you probably kept a journal or diary when you were younger. You don't have to be a child or teenager to still benefit from keeping a journal. In fact, keeping a business journal not only helps you stay motivated, it encourages business growth. As an entrepreneur, a journal works as both a sounding board and planning tool. While you may think journaling is a waste of time, journaling for business purposes has absolutely no downsides. The time you spend is an important investment in your business, and well worth the effort.
Capture New Ideas
How often do you have a great idea on how to improve something, but forget it later? Perhaps a customer made an amazing suggestion, but now you can't find it. If you create a journal, you can jot these ideas and suggestions down along with any details on how to implement the idea. No longer will you forget ideas which could help your business grow significantly. If you use computer software versus a written journal, you can actually tag entries to quickly find them later.
Measure Progress
Many entrepreneurs measure success based upon profits. However, if your profits have increased slightly but you spend twice as much time working, you really haven't succeeded. The best way to measure success on all levels is through a journal. Use it to create goals and document when you've succeeded. For instance, if you've been trying to promote your website, use your journal to document which methods work the best so you know which ones to focus on in the future.
By measuring your progress through a journal, you learn what does and doesn't work. In the end, you increase profits and decrease the time necessary to run a successful business. Successful entrepreneurs combine journaling with goal charting software to fully track results.
Keep Notes
You should always be learning new things as you build your own business. Use your journal as a notebook for keeping track of the different things you learn, as you learn them. You never know when re-reading your notes could make the ultimate difference in your business. You can't rely upon your memory alone. When you're given good advice, read tips from entrepreneurial leaders, take classes or gain knowledge in any other way, always jot it down, where it will be readily available for future reference.
Journal Successfully
When keeping a business journal, you have two options. You can either go with the standard pen and paper or utilize computer software, including online applications for use anywhere. Both are highly effective. An entrepreneur journal can also be a combination of the two. You can keep a written journal on hand for quick notes and later enter them into your software. The main benefits of software is the ability to tag and organize entries. However, you should always keep a backup of any digital journals.
Journal at least several times each week, daily if possible. The more frequently you journal, the more motivated you become. You are able to vent, strategize and see your business grow. Your journal becomes a living document and guide for your business.
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How to Use a Network Marketing Business Journal For Profit

How important is it to keep a network marketing business journal? In today's age of inter-network marketing it's very important. A journal doesn't need to be a large A4 sized book you need to carry around with you everywhere you go but a small pocket notebook.
So why would you want to carry a network marketing business journal around with you? Simple, to jot down ideas. Working your MLM business online means your scope for promotional reach expands significantly. As an inter-network marketer marketer ideas for marketing strategies will always present themselves and many think memory will kick in later when they try and remember what it is they thought of a few hours or even days earlier. It never does.
You will be surprised at how many ideas you come up with. By keeping an MLM business journal, at least you'll know where those thoughts and ideas are written. But will you action every one of them and what about the overwhelm factor?
How To Implement Your Great Ideas Without Overwhelm
This is a good point and we're going to give you a process to help you focus on each individual idea you have and overcome the overwhelm factor.
1. At the beginning of each week, check your journal and look at list for a project.
2. Choose one project only.
3. Your task for the week is to concentrate wholly and solely on this one project until it's up and running.
Many times, it may only take you a day or two to put one of the ideas in your network marketing journal into practice but the aim is teaching you to focus because trying to take on too many tasks at the one time is asking for trouble.
Another point to remember is you ideas list should also have the potential of adding to your bottom line. This makes sense but you won't believe how many people put trivial things down on a list that really shouldn't be there.
So remember this, "if the idea ain't going to make you money" just scrap it or put it onto a reserve list for further analysis.